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Teacher Issues


By your request, as we discover additional information about an issue or concern to you, we will make it available to all of our members.  

Indiana Retirement 

The Indiana Public Retirement System's Board of Trustees updated the mortality tables in 2013.  An update to these tables was desperately needed.  The rate of return for investments was changed from 7.5% to 6.75.  These factors were made to the Annuity Savings Accounts and will be used to calculate PERF and TRF benefit payments on July 1, 2014.  It should not affect those individuals who plan to retire before this date.


Public Retirement System (INPRS)

Teacher's Retirement Fund (TRF)

Indiana HRA (Veba and 115)


To obtain personal information on your retirement accounts, please consult with your retirement advisor.


Licensing & Testing

To become licensed in the state of Indiana, you must complete an accredited teacher prep program in the field of your choice.  You must also pass a background check and take content exams (PRAXIS-CASA) for your certification.  Classroom teachers must also complete a student internship in a regular classroom setting with observations and teaching.  CPR/Heimlich Manuever and suicide prevention training is also required before you apply for your license with the IN DOE.


PRAXIS is the teacher  certification test as of 9/1/2021.  Basic skills assessment in Math, Reading & Writing is required for all teaching candidates.

PRAXIS testing

PRAXIS tests

Indiana Licensing:
Become a teacher in Indiana


All Indiana licenses are through LVIS.  Whether you are applying for your Initial Practitioner License, renewing a license, seeking adegree change, expanding your license , conversions, out of state licensing, transition to teaching, needing an Emergency license or registering for an Administrative license, you need to create an account on line at LVIS.


Initial Practitioner License: Granted to applicant who has successfully completed an accredited teacher education program.  This license is good for 2 years at which time you will need to renew up to two times to complete IMAP, or convert to your license.

Requirements:  Proof of teacher education study

                               Successful completion of Praxis II test(s)

                               Complete application at LVIS

                               Licensing fee

                               Proof of CPR/Heimlich/AED training & suicide prevention training

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about LVIS (click here)

Proficient Practioner License:    A five (5) year license issued to teachers who have successfully completed a two-year teaching residency program (as determined by the principal of the school where you are interning)

Requirements:  Your initial practioner license

                               Application with LVIS

                               Licensing fee

                               Proof of CPR/AED training & suicide prevention training

note:  To renew this license, you need a PGP of 90 points.  You may also complete 6 hours of college coursework. 


Accomplished Practitioner License:   Issued to teachers who have a Proficient Practioner License and have completed an advanced degree.

Requirements:  Your Proficient Practioner License

                                Licensing fee

                               Proof of CPR/AED as well as suicide prevention training

note:  This is a 10 year renewable license


Become a teacher in Indiana

CTE Licensing



This is a two (2) year initial license requested by the CTE Director.  Non-traditional, it is based on your actual real-life work experience.  Must provide proof of 1500 supervised or 1400 unsupervised work hours in field of expertise.  Must also complete pedagogy  with minimum GPA of 2.5 and professional development to apply for next tiered license.  



  A five (5) year renewable license that follows the Workplace Specialist I license with approved PDP (Professional Development Plan)


Teachers with this license can bring funding into their school system by teaching approved, funded CTE courses.  Click here for more info

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