Founded in 1976 by Indianapolis school teacher, Jane Ping, IPE provides an alternative for professional, independent school educators in Indiana.



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Who are we?

IPE's priority is children and the commitment to provide them the best possible, uninterrupted education through professional educators.


IPE is adamantly opposed to forced unionization of public school educators and is the leading force protecting them from these abuses.


IPE believes that educators should be free from all forms of compulsory membership and endorsements.


IPE does not get involved in election campaigns, endorse candidates or use member dues to fund political causes or special interest groups.


IPE dues are very reasonable and related directly to the actual costs of our member benefits and services.


IPE IS NOT A UNION!  We provide an alternative to the insurance that is often obtained through teacher unions.


While Governor Holcomb signed SB251 into Law last spring, ISTA found a court to issue a stay on this legislation.  As we wait for the General Assembly to address the back door tactics of ISTA circumventing this legislation, we turn our attention to "Education Matters" that was presented in the General Assembly this year.  Unfortunately, HB1134 did not makee it through the legislative process.  Perhaps our assembly can re-address next year in smaller chunks.  And perhaps the newspapers will honestly report on the actual verbage of the proposed bills by actually reading the bills' contents and not print misrepresentations supplied by those who oppose parental and teacher rights in our schools.

HB 1134

 The bill offered the following:


1)  School educational activities and curriculum must be posted on the school website/internet.

2)  Parents can opt in or out of activities and curriculum materials for their student(s)

3)  An advisory committee consisting of parents, teachers, admin and community must meet several times during the year to review and recommend curriculum materials. *

4)  Provides that a school cannot promote or compel students OR TEACHERS/employees to be taught or engage in materials that conflict with their sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, or political affiliation (including racial or sex stereotyping or blame)

5)  Students cannot be forced to undergo surveys or evaluations that would affect their personal beliefs or feelings without parental consent.

6)  Requires parents be notified via a written request for consent if their student undergoes counseling or therapy at school.

6)  Holds schools and school libraries accountable for providing sexually explicit materials or "performances" to minors.

Click here for the text of  HB 1134

SB  251


In order to bring Indiana into compliance with the USSC Janus decision (see below), the Indiana Senate held committee hearings on prospective new Educational laws in January and February of 2021.  SB251 was sponsored by Senator Boots of the Labor and Pension Committee and Rep VanNatter in the House.  This bill seeks to add integrity to payroll deductions for teacher union membership and establish teacher rights in regard to their financial obligation in being a teacher.  Currently, most schools allow their teachers to have their union dues payroll deducted and the district then forwards that money to the teacher unions.  Teachers are not usually told up front how much those dues will be and oftentimes, deductions are taken without their knowledge or permission.  This bill will seek to verify that the member does indeed want their union dues deducted and a confirmation in writing will be required of both the member and the district who is taking their money.

While this will ensure union members understand the gravity of their payroll deductions, it also enables union members to STOP their payroll deductions at any time AND to resign from the union upon demand.  Currently, union constitutions and by-laws make the window of opportunity to resign elusive and prohibitive.  Some unions will accept resignation only between certain hours of certain days.  Others by a certain date in writing and signed by multiple parties, including member, union rep and an admin.  Still others must receive the written request within 48 hours after it was mailed (let's hope the mail is quick!).  Additionally, some associations require an August 1st or September 1st deadline and any other time during the year will be forfeited until the NEXT year on August or September 1st.  These members are stuck until the "magic" date rolls around NEXT year.  

Teachers who have been successful stopping their payroll deductions with their district are met with having to continue paying the dues because of that little piece of paper they signed at the beginning of the year which the union claims is a contract.  If dues are not paid by the member, regardless of payroll deduction or not, members may be sued for payment.

IPE has intervened for teachers across the state, helping them to get out of their contract with the union and become an independent professional teacher.

Indiana, once again, is the leader in the nation in teacher rights legislation.  Governor Holcomb has signed this bill into law.

To find your Indiana Senator or Representative and offer your voice and experience or to thank them, click here.  


Thank you for being a teacher!

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US Supreme Court Rules in Janus vs AFSCME

On June 27, 2018, the USSC Ruled in favor of Mark Janus, overruling the lower courts' decisions and striking down the Aboodprecedent that allowed unions to collect fees from non-members on the pretense of covering union expenses related to collective bargaining activities.   Their decision stated that collecting fees from non-consenting, public sector employees violates the First Amendment in that  it forces free and independent individuals to endorse ideas they find objectionable and gives unions the autonomy to speak for those individuals who do not agree with union rhetoric.

Read the Court Opinion here

This ruling has protective measures for independent professionals like Indiana teachers.  If you want to join the union, you will now have to intentionally opt-in.  There are all kinds of measures unions are now drastically implementing to hold their members captive in non right-to-work states such as New York and California.  If you're having problems resigning, revoking your dues deductions, meeting the "window periods" or understanding the Janus rights, contact us!  Additional information may also be found at www.nrtw.org and www.ceafu.org.

To see your Janus rights, whether you are a public school teacher, private or charter school teacher, click here.