Founded in 1976 by Indianapolis school teacher, Jane Ping, IPE provides an alternative for professional, independent school educators in Indiana.



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IPE's priority is children and the commitment to provide them the best possible, uninterrupted education through professional educators.


IPE is adamantly opposed to forced unionization of public school educators and is the leading force protecting them from these abuses.


IPE believes that educators should be free from all forms of compulsory membership and endorsements.


IPE does not get involved in election campaigns, endorse candidates or use member dues to fund political causes or special interest groups.


IPE dues are very reasonable and related directly to the actual costs of our member benefits and services.


IPE IS NOT A UNION!  We provide an alternative to the insurance that is often obtained through teacher unions.

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IPE supports Indiana teachers who have been thrust in e-learning with little or no experience in this type of teaching.  The coronavirus is changing life and our careers as none of us could have expected.  But with our students as our priority, we rise to the challenge to provide the best education possible.


Four years ago, IPE teacher Maggie Samudio from Cumberland Elementary in West Lafayette was asked a question in class by her student Kayla Xu why Indiana didn’t have an official state insect.  Maggie then challenged her 2nd grade students to change that.  Under her caring guidance, her students researched, developed, planned and implemented a state-wide project petitioning the Indiana legislature to name Say’s firefly (pyractomen angulata) as Indiana's official state insect.  Indiana was only one of three states in the union, along with Iowa and Michigan, without a designated state insect.











With her relentless support and encouragement, Maggie’s amazing students worked their way through the myriad of government bureaucracy and politics to persuade the Indiana Legislature - from petitioning the state assembly to finding supportive representatives to sending their fireflies to space.  The bill did not make it out of committee in 2016 so they re-petitioned the state in 2017.  In 2017, Senate Bill 236 successfully passed and Say’s firefly became Indiana’s official insect.  (Click here to see the long road they travelled to accomplish this goal.)


In addition to Say’s firefly now being the OFFICIAL state insect, their fireflies have also traveled to space in a zero gravity flight experiment, courtesy of Purdue’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics program.  The experiment was designed so the chemicals that fireflies use could be combined via a computer inside of the payload box at just the right time and then a small video camera videoed the results. The result?  Yes, our fireflies light up in space, too!

Fireflies in Space


On Friday, August 23rd, 2019, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch and West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis presented the state’s first “Brilliant Firefly” award to eleven of those students who set out on this historic and life-changing mission.  These students are now attending West Lafayette Intermediate School.

Photo Gallery:  Students Receive Brilliant Firefly Award

Video:  State honors West Lafayette Students

In today’s highly charged political atmosphere, it is comforting to know that behind the scene of every successful venture, of every challenge in our society, in every struggle to make significant and positive progress, to institute productive changes , there is a teacher with incredible patience, lending guidance and support and encouraging his/her student(s) to be successful and make the world a better place.  Thank you, Maggie, for changing the lives of your students, their families and our state!

US Supreme Court Rules in Janus vs AFSCME

On June 27, 2018, the USSC Ruled in favor of Mark Janus, overruling the lower courts' decisions and striking down the Aboodprecedent that allowed unions to collect fees from non-members on the pretense of covering union expenses related to collective bargaining activities.   Their decision stated that collecting fees from non-consenting, public sector employees violates the First Amendment in that  it forces free and independent individuals to endorse ideas they find objectionable and gives unions the autonomy to speak for those individuals who do not agree with union rhetoric.

Read the Court Opinion here

This ruling has protective measures for independent professionals like Indiana teachers.  If you want to join the union, you will now have to intentionally opt-in.  There are all kinds of measures unions are now drastically implementing to hold their members captive in non right-to-work states such as New York and California.  If you're having problems resigning, revoking your dues deductions, meeting the "window periods" or understanding the Janus rights, contact us!  Additional information may also be found at www.nrtw.org and www.ceafu.org.

To see your Janus rights, whether you are a public school teacher, private or charter school teacher, click here.

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