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Who are we?

IPE's priority is children and the commitment to provide them the best possible, uninterrupted education through professional educators.


IPE is adamantly opposed to forced unionization of public school educators and is the leading force protecting them from these abuses.


IPE believes that educators should be free from all forms of compulsory membership and endorsements.


IPE does not get involved in election campaigns, endorse candidates or use member dues to fund political causes or special interest groups.


IPE dues are very reasonable and related directly to the actual costs of our member benefits and services.


IPE IS NOT A UNION!  We provide an alternative to the insurance that is often obtained through teacher unions.

Founded in 1976 by Indianapolis school teacher, Jane Ping, IPE provides an alternative for professional, independent school educators in Indiana.



128 So. East Street #200

Crown Point, IN  46307

Phone:  219-663-8559  

Fax:  219-663-8569


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